Indigenous Dancers: Bangarra Dance Theatre

Bangarra Dance Theatre has been performing cutting edge dance at their venue in The Rocks, Sydney, for almost 25 years. Bangarra presents contemporary works telling indigenous stories, with stunning sets, music and choreography. The company is an exemplary employer of indigenous people, training and mentoring over 100 artists since its inception. We have seen several productions, each one exciting and creative. Now that we live on the south coast we hope to see them in Canberra where their current program Blak opens today.


Bangarra Dance Theatre breaks the silence with Blak a physical and edgy production, drawn from the artists’ urban perspective, telling the stories of Indigenous Australia in a powerful and moving work of dance theatre.

Acclaimed with terms like ‘visually gorgeous, conceptually rich, faultless, slickly executed, choreographic magic, rumbling and evocative soundtrack’ Blak is now on tour!

Searching for a video to share with you took me ages, every one was compelling … the videos on the Bangarra website are short and absolutely wonderful … you can watch them all like me!  I have found another short video to share with you to give you the general idea.

This is the third post for NAIDOC Week, when Australia highlights and honours our indigenous people. Don’t miss world-famous didjeridu player William Barton, and Monday’s post about Mandaway Yunupingu.

18 thoughts on “Indigenous Dancers: Bangarra Dance Theatre

  1. I’m sure this is a very powerful production, Christine. I can’t seem to play the video, but I may be able to do a search and find something “here” that takes care of that. It is certain to promote a very unique and original voice. It’s wonderful that you take the time to really immerse yourself in the history and culture of the indigenous people and I’m glad you have shared here.

    • hi debra, thanks so much for letting me know .. i have taken that link out but you can still go to the Bangarra site on the link above the video … and i found another video that would embed properly 🙂

    • such a great point elladee! i find Bangarra Dance so exciting, but then I love so many aspects of Indigenous culture, i guess being a people who are intimately connected to this land, there is so much we can learn and benefit from 🙂

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