Travel theme: Motion

AIlsa has asked for Motion this week. This was so difficult, too much to choose from, so I have chosen some photos from the Kimberly trip that you have not seen yet. I was very reticent to photograph indigenous people, but here is a street scene of a family walking across the road in Katherine. At least they were not carrying grog, just nappies. If I was not on the move all the time I would have had time to get to know some people, or not feel shy to ask if I could take their photo.familykatherine

We had to buy some tent poles and other things that the Britz campervan that was missing, so I was hanging about a bit waiting for Stuart. Pointing my camera at backpackers too.


A few days later at the Marlgu Billabong I photographed a Pied Heron jumping from one lily pad to another. The sun was setting, birds were preparing to roost for the night, the whole billabong was busy!

piedheronAilsa quotes William Faulkner “The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life.” I was fascinated by the movement of water during our trip; we saw so many rivers and waterfalls, then of course the boat on which we spent 12 days. Near the eastern end of the Gibb River Road  we enjoyed the warmth of Zebedee Springs at El Questro .. here I am under a particularly strong flow … later I just relaxed in the pools.zebedeesprings

Also at El Questro we watched the farrier shoe a horse. It was easy to get photos of his hands in motion! He was wearing leather chaps to protect his clothing and legs as he worked.


Horses are essential to life in the The Kimberley, just as are helicopters and light planes. The distances are huge, so although indigenous people lived here successfully for 40,000 years of more, white people have always been dependent on transport. Of course all the cattle station employees use both horses and helicopters, as well as motor bikes, quad bikes, and special mustering vehicles with roll bars for cutting off wild cattle. Many cattle have lived all their lives in the wild, so bringing them in on a muster is difficult and dangerous. Apparently old bulls have learnt to take shelter under trees to hide from helicopters, so they live in the wilderness for many years, fathering wild cattle! Here a helicopter helps corral breakaways on a Bunaba station near Tunnel Creek.
helimusterFinally the wake of the Kimberley Xplorer, I watched it for twelve days as we camped along the north coast of the Kimberley. We travelled hundreds of kilometres from Derby to the Prince Regent River and back, through true wilderness, guided by the deep knowledge our captain has of the area, the vast tides, the thousands of islands, all the good camping spots, and where to find great rock art.


We spent over five weeks in motion! Thank you Ailsa for choosing motion for your theme this week 🙂

11 thoughts on “Travel theme: Motion

  1. rendere il movimento…la cosa più difficile, ma tu ci riesci benissimo
    splendida la foto con la scia, sembra quasi di stare sulla barca

    make the movement … the hardest thing, but you succeed very well
    beautiful photo with the wake, it almost seems to stay on the boat

    • we were lucky that the horse was being shod when we visited the stables at El Questro … part of a free early morning tour, yet only four visitors went along …

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