Brolgas at Feathers Sanctuary

The last few days of the trip were spent in a bird sanctuary near Darwin, Northern Territory. Sadly it is closing to visitors at the end of this season, so don’t plan a visit. We stayed in a fabulously simple pavilion, all earthy luxury, with sugar gliders in an enclosure against our window. The birds were mostly wandering about outside. We arrived about 11pm at night, saw the nocturnal gliders playing, heard the male bustard roaring, then woke in the morning to see a huge flock of whistling ducks, various jabiru, swans, ibis, brolgas, rajah shellducks, magpie geese and so on.  The hand-reared brolgas were very friendly, although of course we could not feed them, even though they were interested in our morning toast.


Feathers Sanctuary is the creation of Peter and Sue, who are just crazy about birds. They have free ranging birds in the billabong who are visited by wild birds of all kinds, as well as birds in aviaries and enclosures. They are having success breeding some difficult birds, testimony to their expert care. We took heaps of gorgeous photos, and will share more as time allows. Stuart spent hours drawing the beautiful brolgas, who were perfect models, often remaining still for minutes at a time. We saw them dancing too, just briefly early in the morning. I have enclosed a vimeo of brolgas dancing so you admire their gracefulness.



14 thoughts on “Brolgas at Feathers Sanctuary

  1. I must put visiting brolgas on my ever lengthening to do list… I’ve never seen them or the dance. I laughed at the clip… I’m a terrible dancer but likeot dance, especially after a few glasses of wine. The G.O. is a great dancer who doesn’t like to… those brolgas could be us in bird form!
    The sanctuary sounds wonderful, and the pic of Stuart with the brolgas is a treasure 🙂

    • would love to see you dancing elladee! of course edwina has been doing brolga dances to add to her repertoire since we arrived home …. i have so many photos of S drawing 😀

    • that was an amazing experience!!! we are settling in, had a few dramas to sort out … getting there now 🙂 … it was wonderful meeting you!

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