27 thoughts on “Staircase to the Moon

    • good to have you back gilly! we have been home a week today, things are looking better, except for trying to install a new printer (old one was also, with the modem, fatally wounded by the lightning strike) and defrosting the fridge after the repairman fixed it the other day, but it failed to work due to something frozen in an airway somewhere!

  1. sto organizzando un post sulla luna volevo sapere se mi fosse possibile utilizzare anche questa tua foto bellissima, naturalmente dicendo il tuo nome e quello del blog,
    se non fosse possibile grazie lo stesso

    I’m planning a post on the Moon wanted to know if I could use this in your beautiful photos, of course saying your name and the name of the blog,
    If this is not possible with the same

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