KT Day 33: Back to Shore

After a rough night on the boat, rocked by a short sharp chop, serenaded by the dinghy bumping, bathed in the light of the biggest moon of the year …. we all woke to our last morning in the swags. It was time to pull off the sheets and pillow slips, which Kim is doing here, while Andrew stretches. Like us, they slept on the rear upper deck, under the moon.


We travelled slowly until breakfast was done …. here is Jodie in the kitchen texting while she can get a signal … with the last remaining piece of toast …

Roger, Sue, John and Dorrie finished their tea at the table,

Karen and Geoff out the back ….

then it was full speed ahead in a strong wind and rough sea, more tall tales and true, until we took shelter in the opening of Luggers Creek, right next to Treachery Point. Stuart showed Greg his sketches and the other passengers looked on, cameras in action.

We were quite close the Derby by then, hence the brown water …. which this saltwater crocodile does not mind at all.

My camera stayed packed as we came into dock, this time at high water, so it was easy to go ashore. Greg waved goodbye to us all, hopped back into the dinghy and disappeared back to the boat. He goes out with the next group in three days, so there is lots of preparation needed. We did a load of washing at our Value Accommodation …. visited a wonderful art gallery nearby owned by Mary and Mark Norval … cooked ourselves a piece of fish S caught last night … and fell into bed ready for the 3:15am alarm, so we could meet a taxi to take us to the Greyhound bus back to Broome. Imagine the kind soul Clay bringing out his cab at such an ungodly hour … admittedly we did pay an extra $25 as compensation!


13 thoughts on “KT Day 33: Back to Shore

    • that was just wonderful, one might under a tarp, but the last three nights just the starry sky and the full moon above us … and we did need to pull the canvas of the swag over us, it got quite cold!

  1. Well so there you are back home after this amazing journey. Thanks so much for sharing the adventure, its really inspiring and I’ve learnt and seen things and places that I’ll never see for real. I also like the look of the link that Jo posted above 🙂

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