KT Day 30: Rain and Swell

We woke after drizzling rain, packed up and got back to the boat after a few hours of meditating on the waterfalls, high tide and mudskippers. The green ants will be glad we are gone.

When Greg was bringing the men back to the Xplorer he ran out of fuel, they had to use the oars …. fortunately the tide was flowing in the right direction!

As we came out of Camp Creek we passed the Aloha, another fancy boat. Later in the Prince Regent River we overtook the Great Escape, whose yellow helicopter flew over us about six times yesterday …. once when I was sitting on our camping loo … I just waved a bit of loo paper …. what else can one do?

A long day of travel at high speed created a few dramas. When the rain became heavy, the skipper had to slow, stop and turn around to zip up the tricky plastic blinds that have inevitably shrunk during the five years since installation.

Most people bunked down below, reading or processing RAW photos, and other stuff … we stayed above, watching the dramas of water leaking in on expensive electrical equipment, people ricocheting across the deck, storm cells on the radar etc. It was a day of adventure park thrills on the fly deck, so we don't need any more excitement for awhile!

Andrew stalked around with his camera ….

and we passed the landmarks, these ones Mt Trafalgar and Mt Waterloo, we had seen on the way north …. this time looking much more subdued.

It was quite a relief to find shelter in the mouth of the Sale River, where we spent a very calm, quiet night, sleeping on the deck with a tarpaulin rustling in the breeze above us.


10 thoughts on “KT Day 30: Rain and Swell

  1. Just started to catch up… but I don’t want to read this adventure ‘backwards’, so I’m going to start from where I left off , and enjoy as your adventure unfolds. ๐Ÿ™‚

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