KT Day 29: Climbing the Waterfall

Camp Creek winds its way into the Prince Regent River via a series of waterfalls. Our camp is where fresh and saltwater meet, evidenced by the Saltwater Crocodile on the mudflat, and the Freshwater one in the pool.


So now the crocodile stories are over here is the day's trek. The country is incredibly beautiful!

One of the lower falls, above, and an upper fall below …. people on the luxury cruise ships fly over these falls in a helicopter … they miss out on swimming in the pools and climbing the falls!

Secret paintings, very old, probably forgotten …. almost impossible to find in the thick spinifex grass and spikey shrubs, clambering through ankle twisting rocks, helping each other up and down … most of us got there …except for two who stayed in camp and one who turned back to wait at the top waterfall …. Ungud Snakes and Wandjinas ….

Cooling off again in the river above the falls, letting the water soothe our scratches and prickles! At each opportune swimming spot Greg would launch himself in, grinning gleefully, inviting us to follow…. some wore swimmers, others stripped down to undies, or just wore their clothes. Walking in wet clothes helps keep you cool 🙂 Greg did the whole adventure wearing just hat, shorts and singlet, barefoot!

All through the walk we saw flowers, insects and an occasional bird. Bob was keen to capture the tiny flowers, lying down with his camera set on macro, wondering if anyone had even identified each fragile bog plant. My approach was more practical …. was there time? had I seen the flower elsewhere? Because the terrain was so rough I carried the camera in a backpack, inevitably there were times I did not stop to get it out. This wattle is flowering abundantly all through the area, such a rich sunshiny yellow …

Last insect of the afternoon …

Stuart was climbing with a wrenched knee, so we were both very tired after this five hour trek …. looking forward to a good long sleep in the swag tonight … and thick clouds with drizzling rain mean the moon will not keep us awake … back on board tomorrow morning ….


8 thoughts on “KT Day 29: Climbing the Waterfall

  1. Dear Christine, What a trip for you and Stuart! Where are these places you are traveling? I’ve been catching quick glimpses and continually refer your website for the most fantastic nature photography.

    I now have a friend in New Zealand also in my eline SoulCollage & Faster EFT class.

    Have I told you that I leave on a big trip myself soon given to me by my friend of 43+ years? Martha and I leave next Wednesday for a 12 day tour of the Alps, traveling thru Munich Germany, Austria, 3 days in Salzburg, Switzerland, Italy and Liechenstein.

    Oh my oh my; I’ve been working hard and have several workshops about to be placed near here and out of state starting in the fall; I am also starting a Prayer and Care Companion, private visitation service for the home-bound, non-medical.

    Tom doesn’t get to go this time, but we are intending and visioning our distance traveling to begin next year.

    How long is the duration of this journey you are on? sweet blessings, sue

    • Hi Sue, We are in the far north west corner of Australia … but heading home today… . (leave here at 2, land in Canberra at 9)….. back to cold weather after six weeks in the heat of a northern dry season … it is 89F here today! Your trip sounds amazing, I love the Alps … have a wonderful time before you return to work on your workshops and prayer and care program. …. We met up with Louise yesterday, from thesacredcave blog … she is a truly lovely person and took us driving around Darwin to her favourite places. lots of love, Christine xx

  2. I would be so cross if I flew overhead in a helicopter and couldn’t get out for a look and a splash! I suppose not everyone can, or wants to trek 5 hours. I’d be bushed! (sorry 🙂 ) Fabulous trip, Christine.

  3. I hope Stuart’s knee isn’t an on-going problem for him as the trip continues! And yes, I’d much prefer bathing in the water of the falls rather than a fly-over! I haven’t yet seen anything that doesn’t inspire me to be in awe!

  4. That’s quite a hike with a poorly knee, well done to S.
    I wouldn’t like the cruise ships, small group travel is fab, I enjoy watching the group dynamic unfold.

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