KT Day 28: Prince Regent River, Mudskippers and Dragonflies

If we thought our previous morning starts were early, then we had to think again today. At 5 we were rolling the swags, so we could breakfast and catch the tide into Camp Creek. Idyllic Kimberley scenery rolled along the river banks, sulphur-crested cockatoos and herons clung to trees waiting for the morning sunshine, raptors glided overhead, while we wove gracefully through the channel to reach the end of the inlet.

We formed a chain to unload quickly onto the rocks, before Greg had to take the Kimberley Xplorer out into deeper water. Our camp is along the southern edge of a great red rock cliff, with water in noisy rapids and falls whizzing past, finding its way around delicate clumps of grasses that somehow grow there.

After cooling off in our handy spa I went exploring towards the billabong, home of one freshwater crocodile. This was the the only thing I saw, a Merton's Water Monitor …..

Later while others were fishing I discovered the mudskippers and watched these tiny clowns totally enthralled. How fascinating to see little creatures that remind us of how life moved from the sea to the land.

Tides right now are quite small, only about 3-4 metres, so where we had landed was eventually very far above waterline.

Dragonflies were busy doing their stuff all along the edge of the water …. more wonderful creatures to watch …

In the heat of the afternoon we sat on the edge of the big pool, cooling our feet and soaking up the ambiance of the paperbarks and waterlilies.

Very cute tiny waterlilies ….

and I played around with some camera settings ….

A curious Whistling Kite watched the fishing ….



20 thoughts on “KT Day 28: Prince Regent River, Mudskippers and Dragonflies

  1. tutto bello, bello e interessante la ninfea pelosa non l’avevo mai vista, sarei interessata a conoscerne il nome scientifico

    everything nice, beautiful and interesting the hairy water lily I had ever seen, I’d be interested in knowing the scientific name
    Thank you

      • grazie, grazie! sono appassionata di botanica e mi mancava il nome di questa ninfea, poi non riuscivo più a trovare il post per vedere se eri riuscita a saperlo!!
        un grande sorriso per la tua gentilezza
        guarda ce ne sono anche di colore giallo

        Thank you, thank you! are interested in Botany and I missed the name of this water lilies, then I could no longer find the post to see if you were able to know!!
        a big smile for your kindness
        «There are also colored yellow

    • so sweet elladee, we ran out of words too … such spectacular country … and we realised that the people on other boats did not see a fraction of what we experienced … they had very short excursions to the shore and then straight back to the ship … where they all seemed to be indoors all the time … we were so lucky to be able to camp onshore!

  2. Once again I admire the beauty of your special camping places! The rocks and water with the reedy grass popping up is really gorgeous. I would have loved watching mudskippers at play! I think this trip must be life affirming! I’m sure you have lost at least ten years, don’t you think?

    • such a beautiful thought debra 🙂 …. it occurs to us both that we will take years to ‘unpack’ these experiences of such fabulous wilderness, and the things i have not written about, like the indigenous people and their struggles ….

        • in one way I would love to, in another some people might not like to read about themselves in my blog … but I know what you mean … I have been sticking to basic scenery and simple experiences … still many tales to be told!!!

    • i was totally fascinated by them … if i kept very still they all came out of their mudholes and went about their business … browsing, challenging, jumping about etc!

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