KT Day 26: Camden Sound, Sheep Island

Swags rolled at dawn on Raft Point, I wandered the shell grit beach photographing scraps of shell and coral.

Stuart painted as usual … he does this on-shore now as it became too messy to use the pastels on the boat.

Today we visited Camden Harbour, scene of a tragic settlement attempt in 1865 …. another example of money-making entrepreneurs selling worthless rocky spinifex land to hopeful settlers from the Victorian goldfields. A grave, plaque and a container with information sheets tell the story, several fat boab trees stand as markers on lonely Sheep Island opposite the doomed settlement that was completely abandoned nine months later.

During the day's travel we caught more fish, this time Queen fish, plus Roger was in form with a really huge Golden Trevally. Stuart and Andrew used lures to bring in the very respectable queen fish who were darting through the blue ocean all around the boat. At one time there were three fish on, the fishermen weaving and dancing over and under each other to stay untangled as the big fish attempted to escape … which two did. S said he never imagined being in fishing heaven! A big shark came over to try his luck picking off the fish as we hauled them in, but this time things went our way. Kim brought one in, and lost several big fish, not her fault, they were simply too big and fast to hold…. perhaps tuna. We lost a few lures, so maybe the fun will be less tomorrow.

Greg wound his way slowly though one area of wonderfully worn rocks … looking in places rather like an Etruscan ruin.

Then it was camping at Turtle Beach … our name, since there are obvious Green Turtle tracks in the sand, below caves of micro-bats. It is near Augustus Island. First there was sushimi prepared by Stuart from a shoulder fillet of the Golden Trevally. Although the crew look horrified, all the passengers are loving our sushimi. Here is a photo with Roger and Stuart, the fisherman and the sushimi man.

The sunset wasn't bad either.

Until tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚


5 thoughts on “KT Day 26: Camden Sound, Sheep Island

  1. Ilove the shell grit beach, what fun to poke about in it. Gorgeous landscape. I would probably be hungry, some of the fish would be okay I couldn’t eat the sushimi though!

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