KT Day 23: Cone Bay

Can you see Kimberley Xplorer out there in deeper water? Tides are over 8 metres at present, water moving so fast you can simply watch rocks appearing out of the sea as tide falls. We drank tea on the beach, had breakfast on the boat, then went 'oystering' …. knocking huge oysters off the rock to take back to chef Jodie. No idea yet what will become of them. This was my best one!

That dark mark on the rock is the tide range, see the band of oysters lower down? Travelling back to the Xplorer we passed an osprey nest, watching as both adults flew off.

Fishing was next on the agenda, with the Xplorer anchored off Razor Rock, yeilding some excitment and quite a few fish. Roger was our most successful fisherman, but almost everyone hooked up. All the small ones and several sharks were released, but Golden Schnapper and Trevally were kept for dinner. Here is one Stuart caught ….

After lunch we went adventuring to a safeish swimming place called Barniecoat, where we were allowed to go into the water waist deep and all together to discourage shark or croc attack. The water was sublime of course, but soon we were out exploring the new beach, and the abandoned fishing camp at one end.

Flowering vines trailed the sand, neat tide lines of tiny shells and corals necklaced the edges, golden spinifex flowerheads waved over the dunes, light and sparkle in all directions.

Those little trackmaking lizards were well-hidden in the heat of the day, just their tantalising sand doodles remaining for us to see. Next port of call was X+X's, yes, the person who lived at the top of the waterfall for twenty years changed his name officially to X+X. The dinghy took us to the bottom pool where we clambered up onto the rocks and began our slow climb up the waterway beyond the deepest pools to see what remained of the settlement.

This was the deepest part of the climb, so I went around past a tree full of green ants …. they did not bite but it took a while for me to brush them all off! Why? I was concerned the camera might get wet …. on the last trip two cameras died a watery death!

You can tell that X+X was an artist … well who else would live so remotely for such a long time? Relaxing on the boat, sharing photographs and stories made a wonderful evening. The crescent moon is fattening, so we enjoyed the stars, knowing they will be fainter as the trip wears on.

Soon it was back in the dinghy to return to our beach camp where the supercomfy swags and golden fire awaited us.


8 thoughts on “KT Day 23: Cone Bay

  1. queste bellissime immagini che mi raggiungono così da lontano, sembrano scattate nel giardino dell’eden
    impressionante il solco che lascia la marea sulla roccia!
    e il fuoco! sembra uscire dallo schermo
    viaggiate ancora per noi, grazie
    un fiore dall’Italia dove appena è cominciata l’estate

    These beautiful images I have so far, seem to be taken in the garden of eden
    impressive the Groove that leaves the tide on the rock!
    and fire! seems to come from the screen
    traveling again for us, thanks
    a flower from Italy where just started summer

  2. Oh…I was thinking what a wonderful experience right up until “to discourage shark or croc attack..”…hmm…I think I will continue to enjoy this trip vicariously. 🙂

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