KT Day 22: OneTideCharters

The bird feeder at West Kimberley Lodge is frequented by Red-winged Parrots amongst other birds … here is young male sporting his bright colours. We were collected at 10 by a mini bus and driver to travel out to the wharf for boarding.

Low tide meant we had to form a human chain to pass everything down the steep ladders to water level, where the dingy was being loaded. A few trips later we were all on board the Kimberley Xplorer, getting to know each other, twelve passengers, Captain Greg, Jodie the cook and Chook the deck hand.For a few hours we made way through brown water in King Sound, brown from the silt of the Fitzroy River washing in out repeatedly with the huge tides. Apparently at neap tide it begins to settle, but is soon stirred up again. Twenty kilometres out we found ourselves in bluey green ocean, much prettier! As we neared Cone Bay we met another boat to deliver a container of engine oil, our good turn of the day.

At 4pm, right on schedule Greg carefully guided the boat through Hell's Gate, where a strong tidal rip made the water dance. Tall granite boulders of Cone Bay were already glowing in the afternoon light, boabs nestled opportunistically along the hillsides.

We were instructed on setting up the tents and swags, on how the toilet bucket system works (very simply!), and were soon whisked back to the Xplorer for dinner.

We enjoyed one of those unspeakably amazing sunsets,

that just kept on changing colour, as the sliver of a new moon fell gracefully into the sea.

Then back to boat for dinner and chatter, before returning to the swags and instant sleep under the starry sky.


10 thoughts on “KT Day 22: OneTideCharters

    • those Kimberley sunsets were unbelievable … just when we thought we had seen every possible colour more shades would appear … maybe even in the opposite direction!

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