KT Day 21: Broome, returning the camper

Our last morning waking up in the little tent …. last day driving around in the big Troupie …. we give it back all spick and span at 2pm. Thanks to the goodness of Kim and Chris who we met camping beside us at Mornington, we are being looked after this afternoon, and treated to dinner before we get on the bus back to Derby. I snapped a few caravan park scenes to share …. but remember if you look the other way you gaze through trees over the impossibly turquoise waters of Roebuck Bay.

After hours of cleaning, repacking and organising in preparation for our Onetide adventure, we are enjoying a respite from 30degree temperatures in a shopping centre, and tidying up a few more loose ends. I thought it was a good idea to burn the full camera sd cards to dvd as a backup, but it takes ages …. so maybe one instead of two ….. and my glasses needed tightening, and I had to ask Telstra for some help … nearly all done. We also drove out to the Port, making use of the vehicle before we give it back.

This fisherman's wife was sunbaking in a very small costume beside their 4WD, and reading her kindle …. I did not dare to point the camera her way, she looked fierce! After a cool few hours with our friends they dropped us to the bus stop. Midges were biting as the light faded, we were all glad when the bus arrived.

The journey was surreal, with three French travellers taking two seats each around us, eating and conferring loudly, and possibly suffering from some sort of withdrawal symptoms … all the while two very weird movies played …. Mall Cop and Charlies Angels ….so arriving in Derby was a relief. A slightly drunken Aboriginal man called out in a friendly manner now and then, I guess it was a pretty normal bus ride. In Derby we stopped outside the Post Offfice, so we gathered our things and got out, only to be told it was a mail stop, and the passenger stop was next ….. so twenty minutes more of Mall Cop until the bus restarted, to take us to the visitor centre. We were collected by Chook, and taken to our accommodation, which was just as surreal, or maybe our brains had switched into some colourful processing consciousness …. our tiny cabin has only a bed, so we found the kitchen, made some tea, and sat under the coloured lights by the pool for a few breaths of fresh air!

Hooray for travel, and all the weird and wonderful things that stretch us every day!


5 thoughts on “KT Day 21: Broome, returning the camper

  1. Your time on the bus sounded more than tedious after all the wonderful time you’ve had out in the open. But that last photo shows two very relaxed and rested people who’ve had a marvelous adventure! 🙂 Twenty days? How very special!

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