KT Day 19: Fitzroy Crossing to Broome

The sun was shining through early morning cloud, illuminating the flock of crimson finches feeding in grass by the river. Other birds called and sang, so strange that we are always asking each other “Who was that?” when at home we know all the birds quite well. Are you tired of seeing Crimson Finches yet?

After packing up we farewelled our friends and headed off on the highway, where road trains regularly rumbled by. We had to overtake this one, loaded with cattle after the recent muster. Fortunately the road is very straight, so overtaking is fairly safe. The main danger on this road is boredom, especially after the variety and interest of the Gibb River Road.

In Broome we checked in to the visitor centre, where we discussed our failed plans to camp on the Dampier Peninusular. Our young advisor told us the road was horrific, running with water like a river, and many of the travellers trapped up there had spent thousands of dollars trying to get out to meet their flights and other bookings. With car hire penalties and other costs one tearful woman said it had cost her over $5000! So we were very lucky to be caught on this side of the road closures.

So we found ourselves instead walking along stylish Cable Beach ….

and watching the sunset at Gantheaume Point where ospreys have built a huge nest near the top of the lighthouse …..

and we enjoyed the novelty of seeing the sun sinking down into the ocean, whereas we usually see it rising up above water from our east coast view ….

Thanks for your comments, I have had a chance to peek at some blogs but find it very difficult to leave comments, perhaps the 3G is too slow…. I will catch up with everyone when we are home again 🙂



11 thoughts on “KT Day 19: Fitzroy Crossing to Broome

  1. In June 2007 we were in Broome, just leaving about this time. We did get to venture a little north to Columb Point, it’s not far, maybe you can go up there as well. And check the tides, you may be able to see the dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point. We only had 5 days in Broome and we ran out of time rather than things to do… we loved wandering around Broome, especially old Broome and Reddell Beach. Your pics brought back great memories… How lovely you ran into friends at Fitzroy Crossing 🙂

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