KT Day 18: Rest Day in Fitzroy Crossing

Rain has caused a confluence of travellers here in Fitzroy Crossing. Lots of people who would have been up on The Dampier Peninsula have driven east instead, away from the rain, which has been record breaking for this time of year. We decided to make this a rest day, doing loads of washing etc …. but a big surprise was awaiting us at the end of the day.

This narrow bridge crosses the very wide river bed here, where a volume station measures water flow daily. In the Wet water can rise over 13 metres, flooding all the surrounding land. Houses in town are built to be flood and cyclone proof. Today the river was peaceful; pelicans and cormorants rested on one of the huge sand bars, the only sound was ocasional traffic, taking turns on the bridge.

The art gallery at the Crossing Inn has paintings, carvings and other artifacts made by locals. These are emu eggs, and boab seed pods, decorated in traditional ways.

and this is a wandjina painting, telling a story about the spirits who dwell in the land. Each artist has certain stories he/she can tell, those stories that belong to that person …. so for example one artist will always paint bush tucker stories, or hunting stories, and so on.

Our surprise was meeting up with a couple from our town, friends who had been on a onetide cruise, and for some reason hired a ute and came east to spend a few days in Fitzroy Crossing. They texted us, not knowing where we were, and discovered we were also in Fitzroy Crossing, refugees from rain in the west! We had planned to go to the Can Shed movie theatre to see Life of Pi, but meeting up with maree and bill was much more fun!


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