Derby to Fitzroy Crossing

Due to rain and road closures we are heading east again, but sticking to the highway. A long straight boring road …. oh dear! We arrived in Fitzroy Crossing where the rain had eased, and found a very friendly relaxed town. The cultural tour along Geikie Gorge was off for a few days for step repairs, but the beautiful smiling Aboriginal woman who looked after us at the visitor centre suggested the DEC cruise (Dept of Environment and Conservation) instead. At first we planned to go cruising tomorrow, since we have a few days to spend before we are due back in Broome. Then we had an email from the place we were supposed to visit near Beagle Bay, saying that the road would be open tonight or in the morning. We hastily rearranged our thinking to contemplate a speedy trip back west tomorrow, and phoned the Broome roads information line. They said they would know later in the day. So we decided to go on the afternoon Gorge trip, in case we were driving tomorrow. As it turned out the road is closed until Monday, so there is no chance of us getting through, which is disappointing … but perhaps we will have to come back to Kimberley another day.

I found a White-gaped Honeyeater in the campground here at the Crossing Inn on Fitzroy River. We checked out a glassblower and the local Indigenous Art centre in town, both very colourful and inspiring.

The three o'clock Geikie Gorge tour began with a few pale rays of sunshine, then cloud settled back with a sigh. Like Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek this is the same great ancient coral reef, laid down 180 million years ago by little corals who are now extinct. Over millennia the mighty Fitzroy River (largest volume of flow in Australia) has shaped the limestone like a gentle artist.

Pale pinks abound in one section, in another fairytale caverns are excavated along the waterline.

The artist's fine hand can be seen here in fine horizontal fluting ….

altogether the most remarkable rock shapes we have ever seen! Tonight we are settled in the campground, listening to much hilarity and music from the public bar of the old Crossing Inn …. apparently Friday night is the one night a week they party on until midnight!



13 thoughts on “Derby to Fitzroy Crossing

    • i did wake about 12:30 wondering when the jollity would cease .. next night we went over for a beer ourselves but soon found the local indigenous population cosying up to ask for beer money … so decided to leave despite other valuable conversations … grog is a big problem for the indigenous people …

    • charles it would be so wonderful if you came down here … but we are in the opposite direction from the Kimberley … we are south east, not north west … you would have to do both!!!

  1. I would ordinarily say I’m sorry your trip had a weather “detour” as you’re heading home, but you do make the most of your time to enjoy what is at hand. It is another beautiful spot. I love the second to last photo with the green water lapping at the beautiful caverns. Absolutely gorgeous!

    • you would love it debra! have you been out here at all? Fitzroy Crossing has been known as a very desperate indigenous town, but has lately pulled itself together … fabulous artists here, loads of drunks, but many people finding their way to a better life …

    • I remember those red rocks in Sedona … and in Utah … .Canyonlands NP … it certainly brightens up the landscape … great to hear from you Francine 🙂

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