KT Day 15: Tunnel Creek 5th June

There is a long story about Tunnel Creek, which will appear one day, but for now we just had a wonderful visit to one of the Kimberley's most popular attractions. The creek has worn a 1.5km tunnel through a Devonian reef, creating an awesome cave structure where long ago an Indigenous freedom fighter held the police at bay for almost three years. We thought of Jandamarra and the land that is now officially owned by once again by his people, the Bunuba.

Now we are camped on Bunuba land at Windjana Gorge, a world class geological monument. No where else are the deposits that make up an ancient reef as well exposed as here.

This morning early at Silent Grove I finally photographed a Yellow-tinted Honeyeater, after watching them whizz about gleefully chasing each other in and out of thick foliage for over a week.

On the way to Tunnel Creek we travelled on the best road we have felt since we left the highway, and passed the vehicles working on it. Who knows, one day the Gibb River Road may be accessible to all … not just real 4WD vehicles.

But our moment of excitement was meeting a cattle muster on Fairfield, now run by the Bunuba people. It was the real deal, and takes place annually, according to the stockman at the rear who chatted to us. He told us these were wild cattle, scrubbers, and just then a small group made a bid for freedom. As they dashed off to the left a motorbike rider instantly gave chase, the chase truck came from a different angle, then the helicopter swung dangerously low, almost standing on its nose in front of the runaways to turn them back, and men on horses skillfully kept everything else under control.

More on Windjana Gorge tomorrow …. and it is only a few days until we will have connectivity again … YAY!!!



10 thoughts on “KT Day 15: Tunnel Creek 5th June

    • great to hear from you eldy … we are about to disappear into the ether again for 12 days but i will still be writing drafts to publish as soon as we are back in internet land …. it is a wonderful adventure 🙂

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