KT Day 14: Mornington to Bell’s Gorge

It was a glorious birdy morning along Annie Creek, but we were packing up to leave. Even so as I sat watching the creek a flock of rare Purple-crowned Wrens came to sit in front of me in the pandanus palms, doing their morning ablutions and sharing some breakfast. See their leg bands? They are closely studied and all the news is good at present, with the tiny population increasing.

Crimson finches were doing the same further along the creek in their patch of greenery.

We drove out after three glorious days in an incredible inspirational place …. Aussie travelers make sure you visit Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary! Back in cattle country we noticed the relative poverty of the landscape and wondered how long this destructive and uneconomical industry would persist.

Boab trees are characteristic of the Kimberley landscape …. one day they will have a whole post of their own …. but here is one that just had to be hugged.

Back on the Gibb River Road, we stopped for fuel at the Indigenous settlement Imintji Store. Signs at the front pointed to toilets and tyre repairs, of which we fortunately only needed the former, having already had a tyre repaired while at Mornington.

Silent Grove campsite in the Leopold Ranges Conservation Park came highly recommended, but sadly it is very crowded here tonight, like inner city living after our week of relative isolation since we left El Questro. We visited beautiful Bell Gorge this afternoon, strenuous hiking on rocky slopes and cliffsides, and a marvellous Falls and swimming hole.

We should find the internet again in a few days, when we reach Derby. Meanwhile more adventure to be enjoyed at Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek, then Birdwood Downs. Life on the road certainly has its rewards, mostly things like black starry skies, birdsong, and natures endless treasures.



17 thoughts on “KT Day 14: Mornington to Bell’s Gorge

    • it is actually three weeks today, we are giving the van back in broome, i am scheduling the posts so they dont come out all at once … no internet again now for 12 days … lovely to know you are still there gilly!

    • we have missed swimming since leaving the gibb river road …. but tomorrow we are on the boat so no doubt there will be swimming whenit is safe ๐Ÿ™‚

    • they are fascinating trees, if you can see them they are alive, because when they die they are very fibrous and break down quickly …. i have quite a collection of photos now ๐Ÿ™‚

    • hi peter, i love collecting a few images and a few words about the day, but whenthere is not internet i keepmthem as drafts, and now i have posts scheduled for a week ahead, since tomorrow we are out to sea and may not have any contact for 12 days … the adventure continues … thanks for your comments ๐Ÿ™‚

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