KT Day 13: Mornington

I was up before 5 again, to join an organised bird watching tour. Waking in the dark to watch the stars fading and the leafy trees above begin to create a lattice against the sky …. sounds of Annie Creek gurgling nearby.

We travelled in the OKA, sorry no photo …. watched sunrise from a high spot, then walked through savanna woodland to a creek. At first there were many small birds, then a raptor cruised by, and all the birds vanished. We still saw others such as Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, Woodswallows, Cormorant, but the small ones stayed hidden. Somehow they always seem to be singing and calling, but they cannot be seen in the thick brush.

A flock of budgerigars landed the Boab tree high above us …. next moment the raptor appeared and they were gone. After breakfast we drove out to Dimond Gorge (yes, odd spelling) to walk and swim.

This another wonderful canoeing spot where up to 12 canoes go out at once, and there are no portage spots.

Walking high above the gorge we disturbed three White-quilled Rock Pigeons, each of whom in turn flew straight across to the steep rocky bank on the opposite side of the river, and casually disappeared into a small cave. I am sure it was cool in there, while we were soon very hot, and headed down to the river to swim.

In the afternoon I walked along the bank of Annie Creek at bird peak-hour. My battery light was flashing red …. but there was one good photo of the Buff-sided form of the White-browed Robin. His tail is up in the air … behind the tree trunk. I saw him a little later too, having a territorial altercation with a Willie Wagtail … but it was already too dark for good photos. Best of all I saw so many birds …. including the Yellow Oriole, a large noisy bird who sat in a tall tree above me making strange loud clonking noises, then suddenly flew off so I could see his striped yellow belly … so that was what some of the keen birders were looking for!



9 thoughts on “KT Day 13: Mornington

  1. Nice to see some wild Budgies – our two don’t know how well off they are with just the occasional wandering hand to worry about πŸ™‚

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