KT Day 12: Mornington

As the sun rose so did I, to walk along Annie Creek Trail to watch the early morning bird life. Everywhere I have been in the Kimberley I have seen new birds, so it was the same here. Small birds such as finches and wrens nest along the creek, in the grasses, pandanus and shrubs. Bigger birds like honeyeaters, woodswallow, pigeons and doves, the Rufous Whistler and Kingfishers are all in evidence at dawn.

I watched this Northern Fantail catch and dispatch a butterfly, here he/she is sitting for a moment of digestion! Purple-crowned Wrens live along the creek but move so quickly it was a great challenge for me to photograph them. Here is a banded adult female, part of the ongoing wren study, in fact the “wrenners” are here now with their binoculars and mist nets.

The most colourful bird of the morning was this male Scarlet Finch, who conveniently sat for a moment in the sunlight!

After breakfast we went canoeing in Sir John Gorge. This is rather exclusive, in that a delicious and ample lunch is included, and you get the gorge to yourself. There are three canoes, so after paddling the first one to the portage site, you simply leave it there, climb/scramble over all the rocks, until you find the next canoe.

We had great fun, a few swims, and ate our lunch in Tin Can Gully. The way back was easier as we were going with the flow of the Fitzroy River, and the wind was generally at our backs.

A true wilderness experience, being on our own, so far from anyone else, with just our canoe and a couple of paddles!



7 thoughts on “KT Day 12: Mornington

  1. Wish I was there! This must have been a wonderful day – and your birds are so well captured. The first picture is my absolute favourite. Being on your own like that – to me that means so much. The feeling is indescribable.

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