KT Day 6: El Questro

El Questro is a one million acre property in the East Kimberley. The Kimberley itself is 1.7 times the size of the UK and 10 times the size of Switzerland. We only have about four weeks here, so we won't see much of it. Today we drove into El Questro, about 110 km west of Kununurra. There were a few river crossings, no problem though. The big one will be in a few days when we cross then Pentecost River just before Home Valley Station. There was rain a week ago and the road was closed, but it is open now. We have to ask at each stage to check that it is safe to go ahead.

This is a very busy and popular place. You can pay extra and camp privately along the Pentecost River…. it is all a commercial venture, not a government owned national park. We opted to camp in the main area, but lucked into a very private site, with marvelous river views.

There is no-one nearby, and although theoretically it is safe to swim right here, the drop-off is just too steep, so after seeing the crocs yesterday I chose to walk back a little and swim in an easy walk-in spot.

If anyone from the family is reading this, would Eddy like a crocodile t-shirt? I checked out the merchandise earlier! Tomorrow we are planning to walk into El Q Gorge, and possibly join a Chamberlain Gorge cruise. S is very happy, in painting heaven ….and the new tent is perfect, plus we have fixed all the other problems, so the vehicle men's stuff is all working now. There are lots of birds around us (no water birds), the river is rich in pools, and the trees are all treasures. Yes there were a lot of corrugations on the road in, but sometimes vibrations can fit right in .. and we are only at the beginning of the Gibb River Road, which S thinks might be about the Yin and Yang of life, lots of pain and lots of pleasure.

PS Finally got 3G in Derby, so publishing now 🙂


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