KT Day 10: Mt Elizabeth Station

After the mammoth trip into Wanumulla Gorge yesterday we opted for an easy day of walking, art, photography and housework (if that is what you call it when camping). Of course we found some new birds, new to us that is.

This handsome bird is a Northern Rosella, a flock of which very conveniently chose to browse on the ground around the campground.

and this is a Black-faced Woodswallow, sitting very still on a dead tree, as if waiting for me to get organised!

and this is a very restless White-winged Triller, found in open bushland not far from a babbling brook. Then there was the Blue-winged Kookaburra who did the rounds about 4pm

and the comical peewee who was captivated by his reflection in the mirror of an old farm truck ….

so all in all it was a very good day indeed especially the walk and visit to the waterhole ….

We swam and sat around the creek for ages, so cool and lovely, just water sounds, rippling sunlight reflections and bird calls.



10 thoughts on “KT Day 10: Mt Elizabeth Station

  1. Yum! Nothing like hanging by a creek surrounded by trees! Love the bird pics! You must have a good camera with a good tele-photo! What do you use? I only have a five year old digital – capturing those fly-about beings with that old camera, I end up with a lot of bird-less images! Shanti….kai

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