Kimberley Trip Day 2: Nitmiluk Gorge

Last night we made it to Adelaide River just as twilight faded into a tropical thunder storm. We had collected our vehicle, a classical “troupie” … quite comfortable but with no storage space, so everything was rattling around in the back. We opted to sleep in the van, under a pop-top roof which kept the rain out! Early this morning we were on the road to Katherine, NT's second largest town. The straight and level Stuart Highway rolled on and on through beautiful country, wetlands, forest, termite mounds. We called in to Edith Falls for a swim ….

then made our way to Katherine/Nitmiluk Gorge and National Park …. where we camped by a glowing Salmon Gum.

As we ate our lunch a small flock of Blue-faced Honeyeaters seemed to enjoy our company!

After lunch we swam again … but not in the gorge, which may still be harbouring saltwater crocodiles … it was the pool for us … but look what I found on the way! Not sure what lorikeets these are ….

Later we joined a dinner cruise on the first two gorges. Totally enjoyable in every way …. a revelation to my partner who has always believed one should never dine in anything that floats or revolves!

Our guide ….

first gorge …

second gorge ….

welcoming drink …

and full moon! Of to sleep now



9 thoughts on “Kimberley Trip Day 2: Nitmiluk Gorge

  1. Gorge-ous 😉 This is exciting for me, we have been to Edith Falls and Nitmiluk Gorge, and on a cruise, although not a dinner cruise which sounds delightful even though ordinarily I’d agree about not dining in anything that floats or revolves.
    I’m happy you have good weather. When we were there in mid-late June we struck a patch of very cool weather.

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