Earth Air Fire Water Tasmania

Another series of sadly neglected travel photos are those from Tasmania. One of my blogger friends is there now, so I looked for my photos to share for Ailsa’s Four Elements challenge. This first one is a rocky cliffside near Port Arthur on the Tasman Peninsular.


Air was indeed challenging … until I found this one of Long-billed Corellas in a tree near the Hobart Docks.


We were travelling in campervans, staying in beautiful places, sharing the cooking and campfires!


One of the most tranquil areas was on the Tasman Peninsular, where one quiet and beautiful beach after the other offered play space for the children and us. We walked from our campsite through tall trees to a remote bay … blissful.

Tasman Peninsular

Tasman Peninsular

I hope you enjoyed this little trip through the elements in Tasmania; wishing you peace. In a few days we will be heading north for our next adventure!


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