Beach Patterns II

Patterns from the morning walk, so many that I have grouped them in galleries. First,  rounded shapes made by the creatures who live under the surface of the sand …

then excavations, made by crabs who are also hiding below the surface … although in one image you will see a bird’s footprint and some disturbance  … so maybe that one is no longer in its hiding place.

Waves create delicate lines on the sand as they halt, and retreat …

Seaweeds, shells and stones join in the chaotic arrangements ….

and Water itself is endlessly dancing in wondrous shapes!

For creativity and being in the moment look no further than nature!

Beach patterns I was yesterday’s post …. and this post also connects to Beach and Patterns


12 thoughts on “Beach Patterns II

  1. What a morning … and the smell, and the feeling of the cool briny breeze in your face and hair … What a wonderful time you had, discovering at each footstep, it seems, some new gem of a pattern left by nature.

    • yes, exactly, i had been looking at these patterns for days, so was thrilled they were all still there fresh this morning … S was walking along on his own, circling back and forth, then he finally gave up waiting for me and sat down to meditate 🙂 Hope you are having fun too M, enjoying your last weeks of Paradise 🙂

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