Looking down on Dingle

The wild Dingle Peninsular juts out into the sea; the furthermost western land in Europe. Nothing between here and America. Tiny white cottages dot the terraced fields, historic stone ruins of huts and churches and standing stones lurk around every curving bend of the narrow lanes. We were there in September, when flowers graced the roadsides, and a few swimmers dared to try the water, wearing wetsuits. Coming onto the Dingle Peninsular you cross Conor Pass, the highest mountain pass in Ireland. The countryside is wonderfully scenic, I hope you enjoy this little glimpse, and do tell, what is your favourite place in Ireland?

For other views from above, like Madhu’s exciting post on Rio de Janeiro go to the dailypost weekly photo challenge site and be inspired 🙂

17 thoughts on “Looking down on Dingle

  1. I’ve never been. 😦 But someday…. I will. It’s on my list! My ancestors came from County Roscommon, so I’ll make plans to go there, of course!

  2. I haven’t been to Ireland, because I can’t stand rain, so it’s wonderful to see your photos 🙂 I’m sure I’ve said before, it looks like Dartmoor with sea. I find the vast expanse of ocean fascinating, nothing between you and America, I had the same experience in Ghana – except it was the Antarctic.

  3. Aah, one more beautiful country that i haven’t been to, and so want to visit 🙂 Love the Coumineole beach shot particularly.

  4. Been wanting to go for years (like other commenters!) – 2014 just might be the year..talking about it today with my kids actually…renting a cottage, driving around by myself. I used to be braver than I feel right now so I’ll have to pretend – fake it til you make it?

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