Knobs and Knockers

In France last September I began photographing doors, intrigued by the variety of ancient entrances in the medieval heart of Perigueux. I was not focussing on the knobs and knockers, but have managed to zoom in on the doors and find some for Marianne’s CBBH challenge.

Many doors in Perigueux have hand-shaped door knockers, possibly influenced historically by Muslim ideas that the symbol of the hand is a powerful protection against evil. Muslims sometimes describe their open palm five-fingered symbol (hamsa) as the Hand of Fatima, and Christians call it the Hand of Mary. So just imagine these knockers bringing divine feminine protection to the house and those who dwell therein.

For the bloghop this month you might enjoy smallpebbles for her beauty, joy and laughter as she reflects on life, awareness and being; and Jude of the writer in the woods, who lives in the Dordogne, currently watching a family of tits via a camera in their nest, and the babies are just hatching!

37 thoughts on “Knobs and Knockers

  1. I’m loving the knobs and knockers posts. As I commented to Marianne, the G.O. has a collection from demoitions. I wish we had more doors 🙂 The hand knobs and the idea of divine feminine protection appeals to me. We have a lion front door knocker which given the G.O.’s bearded appearance, Leo moon, and the sun ceramic on the front wall of the yellow house is all very apt and probably suggest it is of that sign also.

  2. What a fantastic selection of door knobs and knockers you found in France, Christine. It’s very interesting to see the Hand of Fatima being used there, too.

    Thanks for posting links to two blogs you enjoy visiting. Guess where I’m off to, right now 🙂

  3. ci sono dei pomoli molto interessanti anche sugli antichi portoni di certi nostri bellissimi palazzi storici, il tuo post mi incentiva a cercarli
    grazie e una buona giornata per te

  4. These are great knobs and knockers, from the photos you have shown us from there Perigueux was great. Oh and I have a hand of Fatima outside the house!

  5. This is my first visit to your site and I love the photos and more, the time and way that you express what you have photographed. Thanks for the enjoyment.

  6. Great images – lovely to spot these. I’m focussed more on the top middle one at the moment as I’ve become fascinated by ornate ironwork. I keep going in search of it online.

  7. what great photos! I love details like this. I often focus on windows… but I’m going to pay more attention to doors now, thanks to your inspiration. 🙂

    • all the little treasures we discover through each other! (which reminds me, you might like to know i am loving some art puzzles on the ipad … like Monet Tiles by Macha Studios … do you know them?)

      • I did not know them until you just kindly told me about them. I downloaded the Monet Tiles and the Van Gogh Tiles and they are just wonderful! I’m going to use them for my next “weekend distraction” post. Full credit to you, of course! 🙂

  8. Morning! Just opened your post and read your mention of smallpebbles! How very sweet and many heart hugging thanks! And for the door knockers, great! Who, yes of course, WHO IS THERE? shanti….kai

  9. There’s something fascinating about doors and knobs and knockers – they’re the first thing you see before stepping across the threshold into another’s life.

  10. What a fabulous collection. I love the idea of “these knockers bringing divine feminine protection to the house and those who dwell therein.” 🙂

      • I wonder that, too. Would you believe I didn’t pay much attention to the front door? With good reason, I suppose. The front porch needs work and the way the driveway curves in, it looks like everyone uses the back door to come into the house.

  11. I love your selection of knobs and knockers, they are amazing. I am also inspired to go searching for some in Pittsburgh.


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