tagged R for Recital

Having musicians in the family means we have enjoyed many musical recitals over the years. Our sons all played instruments, their grandmother was an accomplished musician, their father played any instrument he could get his hands on! Now the grandchildren show signs of continuing the family tradition, much to our pleasure. Over the years we have listened to little hands playing well-known tunes, teenagers leading stage bands, various orchestras, ensembles, choirs and quartets creating music in many genres. Fortunately one son married a musician who is seen here playing at a recital in the Art Gallery of NSW. Do you have keen musicians in your family too?

Art Gallery of NSW musical recital

Art Gallery of NSW musical recital

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20 thoughts on “tagged R for Recital

  1. It’s a talent I wish I had and even though Dad’s mum’s side were very musical, in the ensuing 2 generations out of the entire family it has touched only the elder of my 2 younger sisters. She plays bass guitar, sings and has been in a band. The first time we saw her perform in public was unforgettable (and welcome after all hours of continuous practice!). She made the choice to concentrate on working life and study, which as the band she was in has since come into a little success, I’m a little sad about, I would have liked her to be still part of it, as it was her dream. She does still play though as does her partner and group of friends 🙂

    • it really is a gift isn’t it? i have tried and tried at various times in my life with different instruments but have never found it flowing easily! finally i became happy to listen and join in with nursery rhymes and simple songs 🙂

  2. I’ve always wished I could play an instrument, but I’m hopeless! Both my children take after their father and have the ability – guitar, flute, cello and violin were all part of childhood, but they don’t play now.

  3. What pleasure to know the musical ability has been passed through your family. It gives me much hope for the future when to see that our young people are still playing classical music.

  4. Is it dreadful that I read your title as ‘Tagged R for Rectal’? (I’m a doctor’s daughter… that could explain it. Or inability to read properly!)

    My husband’s a musician so I live with strange sounds coming from parts of the house, quite a lot of the time…

  5. I am hopeless too, to the grandchildren’s exasperation!
    The twelve year old plays the tabla and drums, and the younger one is a gifted pianist. He is barely seven and can play classical Western pieces by ear. He is good with a guitar as well 🙂

    • that is so funny madhu! yes, our little one sits at the piano playing sweet nonsense and singing, and asks me to play one of her play school songs … which i can’t … so grandpa has to sit down and play with her .. she simply does not understand why i don’t do it!

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