Lights across the World

Although our lives are lit seemingly effortlessly in todays world, we still thrill to see beautiful lights, wherever they are. Light means so much more to us than just being able to see at nighttime. It is symbolic of spirit, of hope, inspiration, freedom, celebration and peace. Dru yogis have been inspired to create a peace flame, lit on five continents in 1999 and flown together to Wales to create the World Peace Flame. Now the peace flame burns in almost all countries of the world. Whatever light means to you, enjoy these photos from our travels!

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23 thoughts on “Lights across the World

  1. I really enjoyed reading about the World Peace Flame. I was unaware of its existence, Christine, but it’s a wonderfully unifying presence. I didn’t immediately see any mention of a U.S. location, and perhaps there is none. Something for me to look into! 🙂 Beautiful lights. The lights on the water are my favorite!

  2. What an interesting post. Thank you for telling us about the World Peace Flame. (We are on similar paths…!) Your photos are great – you’ve traveled a lot. I don’t know why I find Singapore so fascinating.
    btw I’d jump at the chance of going to India

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