Evening Beach

Today I was dealing with phone, modem, computer, printer issues … you can imagine what that was like! By the time I left the house it was all working, a small miracle. It was a busy day, so when I was home and dusk began to dull the sky I headed out to the beach with the camera.

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This is the last day of the school holidays, footprints told me that holiday makers were still about. A family with two young daughters was trailing slowly towards the Meringo end … children turning wonky cartwheels or running to pick up some treasure as parents tried to urge them onwards. Only one seagull to be seen.

I love to see open pippies on the sand, often with deep beak size holes in the sand nearby, the oystercatchers have been feeding. Masses of Plague Soldier beetles were washed up at the edge of the waves … thousands I would say. Another mystery.

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As I walked back the sky began to colour, soft shooshing wavelets rippled in, retreating to leave golden wet sand. It could have been magic, but it was just nature, doing Her thing.

14 thoughts on “Evening Beach

  1. This is a lovely time to be on the beach, when the day is closing down 🙂 I love finding pippies. It was a childhood pastime, digging for them with my toes for bait with Dad.

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