Crimson Rosellas




33 thoughts on “Crimson Rosellas

  1. Aren’t they magnificent? Do they come in flocks, too, like the rainow lorikeets and parrots? i thought of you last night – the Oz Network was showing a documentary on the spectacular black cockatoo from West Australia – endangered, of course, but just wonderful to see them up close like that.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a marvelously beautiful little bird! I can’t imagine having such a colorful fellow show up at my birdfeeder. Yellow goldfinches are the best I can get. These are just wonderful!

    • gilly your sweet comment send my thoughts to more colourful bird photos … but which ones … and will i see any more to share today? maybe go back to some galah photos … i will see what comes up!

    • so easy when they come to visit me for my garden, or the leftovers from the King Parrots who have their own imperious way of asking for a handout πŸ™‚

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