Earth Day: Eat Local

A heart warming post by Len Wallick on Planet Waves reminds us that even though humanity has lost its relationship with the Earth over the last few hundred years, one thing has not changed … we still need to eat. At this time of year the Sun enters the sign of Taurus, a magnificent earth sign whose denizens do love to eat the very best that they can find. So you might find sensitive Taureans shopping at the Farmers Market in your local town.

smiles all round

smiles all round

You can honour the Earth in many ways, but one is to stand on the ground in your bare feet and feel connected to her! When I do this I often find I am exhaling, letting my energy sink deep down into Mother Earth, and then as I inhale I feel strength and life flowing from her to me. Another is to make the switch from supermarket food to local food where possible. Support the local growers who are popping up everywhere growing fresh clean food, just for you.

mushrooms picked this morning

mushrooms picked this morning

Imagine those giant trucks of produce that rumble along expressways for thousands of kilometres, bringing the cheapest chemically assisted ‘foods’ to the supermarket near you. It was all picked days ago, or weeks ago, or even last year … it is grown to strict specifications demanded by the supermarkets … only this type of potato, only this size and so on. Sure it is convenient, but honouring the Earth?

it is pumpkin time in Australia

it is pumpkin time in Australia

Make a switch to the fun of all kinds and sizes of produce, different forms like candy striped beets or white eggplants grown in real dirt with crumbly compost rich in micro-organisms to encourage them. Share smiles with the growers as you buy their produce, perhaps you will even find a big bunch of red zinnias as I did last week!

sunflowers anyone?

sunflowers anyone?

Join the crowds of discerning shoppers who are finding their own growers who honour the Earth. Small scale, no waste, efficient wholesome production. Make a connection to the Earth, through those who put their hands in it to bring you the flavours, aromas, nutrients and colours of food like it used to be!

people love local food

people love local food

All photos taken at Moruya’s Farmers Market, organised by SAGE. It operates every Tuesday afternoon from 3pm until 6pm in Riverside Park. Come along for fresh fruit and vegetables, wholesome baking, sourdough bread, local milk from either a Jersey or a Friesen herd, local cheese, honey, fish, organic beef, French baguettes and pastries by Isabel, oysters fresh from Batemans Bay, Tuross or Narooma, and plenty more!

23 thoughts on “Earth Day: Eat Local

  1. Moruya’s Farmers Market get a great crowd, and on a Tuesday afternoon. The produce looks wonderful. I always get a buzz from wandering through a farmers market, and then eating my finds later on – there is an energy that uplifts… that you don’t get in those big supermarkets, the opposite – they suck the energy out of me and the produce, well at best it’s usually just produce. I love the human interaction of the markets or even the local green grocer.

    • me too gilly … our big celebration day last week seemed to boost numbers, people are gradually hearing about it and coming with their shopping bags and trolleys!

  2. Where we live there really is no excuse for not eating local. I feel very fortunate to live where there is no shortage of farmer’s markets. I may decide to post about ours soon, also, hoping to encourage more of my local friends to take full advantage. I’m surprised that more of my friends aren’t yet persuaded. You’re such a good advocate/ambassador, Christine. You inspire me to perhaps be a bit more vocal! 🙂

    • i wonder why they are slow to take advantage of the farmers markets debra? is the supermarket too convenient … time in short supply for many people but it is just a matter of priorities isn’t it? sadly many people do not understand the difference in nutrients between fresh living food and supermarket food, they are still confused by the sterile scientific take on the stomach as a test tube … yes speak up a bit more and you might find things changing!

  3. Great Earth Day post! We live in an area where there are several farmer’s markets every day of the week and right through the year yet far too many people I know still shop at the supermarket.
    I tell them “If we don’t shop at our farmer’s markets” the farmers will be forced to sell their farms and we’ll end up buying produce at the supermarkets that was grown in China!

    When I walked on the Camino last year, the Canadian woman leading our little group walked barefoot.

    • dearrosie you are so right, here we are struggling to save our local dairy farmers because the supermarkets are squeezing them out of business and want to bring in milk from china … how appalling!!! love to hear of the woman walking barefoot, blessing our Earth Mother 🙂

    • oh tom, that is so sad … they were obviously not supported well enough … here the local government shire is very supportive, they see it as a tourist attraction as well as good for our health and good for the shire residents financially etc … so even though they don’t contribute financially they ease the way … and stall rental is very low so that even someone with something to sell from the home garden finds it worthwhile, whereas the growers have realised it is now their main source of income, so they are busy planting to keep supplies up for the winter markets … sounds so romantic shopping by boat!

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