Contrast in Stormy Seas

A powerful South Coast Low moved in on Friday. Strong winds from the south buffeted trees and buildings, people huddled in warm clothes; suddenly hot calm summer days seemed far away. What a contrast with the week before!

darkness and light

darkness and light

On Friday afternoon the heavens opened, not in that illuminating way, but with dense black clouds releasing heavy rain on the welcoming earth. Haven’t we been all saying to each other for weeks how dry it was, how badly we need rain again? It poured all night, sometimes lighter, but mostly a torrent of rain. What a contrast!

steady rocks, wild seas

steady rocks, wild seas

We had been swimming in calm warm water at the beach, actually practising our strokes and doing ‘laps’ as if our ocean was just the Mediterranean. Now suddenly the seas were huge, surfers gathered at Mullimburra even while it was still raining. The break was happening. The lagoon had opened to the sea too, sand was being ripped out from the beach, leaving a yellow trail in the wild seas. No swimming for us, we stood and watched with a small crowd, in awe of the elements. What a contrast!

dark and light

dark and light

Nature knows how to change, change is the stuff of life! The roaring sea sounded like heavy machinery at work nearby, at times our whole house seemed to vibrate; nature knows how to move, how to growl, how to be still, how to be quiet.

sky and earth, sea and shore

sky and earth, sea and shore

Yet by late Saturday afternoon the winds had moved north, so we walked down to Grey Rocks, marvelling at the fungi already growing, wondering again about where birds go in wild weather, and being filled with delight at the sight of the western sun lighting up Bingie Beach and the powerful rumbling surf.

This post is about contrasts for Ailsa’s travel theme. All photos were taken yesterday afternoon at Grey Rocks. I could not photograph the break at Mullimburra because it was still raining when we were watching it, so you can just imagine enormous waves and wetsuit clad men on their surfboards having loads of fun while the less daring watched.

33 thoughts on “Contrast in Stormy Seas

  1. I always love to see the wooden boardwalk steps down to your beach, and then as you say what a difference in the sea, but it was your words “nature knows how to move, how to growl, how to be still, how to be quiet.” that really touched me Christine.

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