My benches seem to be all about people … the same sketcher appears a few times, as he has to find somewhere to sit for drawing when we are travelling.

Why don’t you join in with Ailsa’s challenge, and check out the other entries? A few of my favourites can be found below.

24 thoughts on “Benches

    • i redid the gallery … maybe it is better now .. sometimes it plays up after editing … i have learnt to go into the html version where i can fix things more easily now πŸ™‚ although i still have trouble getting the photos in the order i would like 😦

      • Ah, there they all are! HTML? You’re way more advanced than me, Christine, though I can tell you how to move the order around if you’re using the regular ‘create gallery’ mode! (You simply move them and ‘update’) πŸ™‚

        • thank you m … it is sometimes tricky … maybe my new ‘theme’ is a bit sensitive .. also it does not have a search capacity … might have to change again πŸ™‚

  1. I took interest at your park photos as they bring back fond memories of famous parks in New Orleans where artists line the sidewalks, willing to sketch portraits or caricatures of tourists and residents alike. I actually got my start in photography by being an artist like this. At first I used photos as the basis for my drawings, later discovering I loved photography as a way of expressing myself. Thanks for the blast into the past. – Bob

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