This month Marianne’s theme is Multi-Coloured. She talks about the power of colour, how it affects us psychologically in particular. For me food is the thing that must be coloured, for somehow I cannot feel enthusiastic about a bland looking meal. I immediately want to rush out and find some green parsley or a tiny red tomato or a carrot stick to embellish it with. We know that coloured foods are high in beneficial nutrients …. but can the colours themselves helps us?

Here are some suggestions about how coloured foods may affect you psychologically.

Beneficial Food Colors

Red : Gives extra energy, heals lethargy and tiredness

Orange: Creates optimism and change, heals grief and disappointment

Yellow: Encourages laughter, joy and fun, heals depression

Green: improves physical stamina , heals panic

Blue: Brings peace and relaxation, helps concentration and heals anxiety

Indigo: Puts back structure into life, heals insecurity

Purple : Promotes leadership, heals and calms the emotionally erratic.

Living in the home of an artist means I am surrounded with glorious paintings, not only his, but also those of our children and grandchildren. Edwina’s paints are called “Rainbow Paints”and she makes good use of them.

Finally let me introduce you to two wonderful bloggers! Allen of alienshores is a fellow Aussie who takes fantastic photos, this link is to his post on Change. Debra at breathelighter is a Southern Californian, with an interest in nature, a curious mind and scientific thoroughness in her intriguing posts. Hop on over and say hello to them, you wont be disappointed!

33 thoughts on “Multicoloured

  1. For a minute there I was being literal and imagining how my plate of food was boosting my energy levels and my ability to change and laugh at disappointments and was stumped trying to picture a blue vegetable till the plate sprang to mind – still the penny hadn’t dropped as I craved a little structure at this disruptive time, searching in my mind for indigo … Lots of fun, Christine, especially Edwina’s vegetables 🙂

    Now I’m off to see your blogging friends …

  2. I totally agree with you about having lots of colour on your plate, Christine. I love making colourful salads and am always searching for even more.

    Edwina’s painting is wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing links to two blogs you enjoy. Guess where I’m off now? 🙂

      • Yes you did! I enjoyed visiting both of them and was very interested to see Alien Shores photos near Bathurst. We intended to get out that way when we were in Sydney recently, but never managed it. Maybe next time 🙂

    • it is quite a challenge .. blue cheese makes me laugh .. i can eat real roquefort, made with sheep’s milk, but cannot eat any cow’s milk cheeses, so i am fond of those i do enjoy 🙂

  3. You’ve given me such a nice surprise this morning! I am out of town, but thought I’d take just a few minutes to read before we took off for the day, and when I saw your blog title and the pictures I was immediately drawn in! I love Edwina’s very purposeful rainbow paintings! How adorable she is. And now I’m really thinking now about how color in my food plays into emotional responses. What an interesting thought! Thank you so much for linking in to breathe lighter! I really appreciate your very kind introduction! oxo

  4. Multi-Coloured also describes the 2 bloggers you introduced. Love Alien Shores Astrophotography 🙂
    I’m always cobbling together ingredients so there are the right balance of colours in the plate/bowl… often scooting down to the communal garden for more green… or tossing in a tomato for red… cannot have monoschrome or discordant… I eat with my eyes also, and we need those multi-colour health benefits.

  5. Thank you so much for the beneficial food colors. I’m going to prepare a multi-color dish for dinner tonight 🙂 Love the picture of Edwina’s, beautiful painting she did.

  6. I’ve never thought of the colors of food having healing powers.
    How nice to see you introduce Debra here. I also love her blog. (She’s the only blogging buddy that I’ve met in real life and she’s just as nice as you’d imagine) 😀

  7. Great post Christine. Psychology and colour is very interesting. I’ve never related it to food though. This post is ‘food for thought’!

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