Cool mornings during the week meant dew drops on plants, and that delicious feeling that the seasons are changing. April is heavenly here, when the sea is warm and quiet,  mornings and evenings refreshingly cool, the whole landscape sighing contentedly. This morning the nor-easter was back, whipping up the waves, blowing hot and dry over the bushland. But we know change is coming, we saw it in the dewdrops.dewdrops2

Moisture in the air is just One, yet on these leaves it forms into tiny luminous drops, each one appearing separate from the others. So like us, who imagine we are separate from each other, and from nature, when we are actually all One. Can you change your point of view, even for a moment, to feel the One who is aware through you?

Change, impermanence is part of life. The fragility of our solid separate world view is beautifully depicted by Zen master Dogen in his poem Impermanence.

“To what shall
I liken the world?
Moonlight, reflected
In dewdrops,
Shaken from a crane’s bill.”

Eihei Dōgen (1200 – 1253), ” Impermanence / Mujô “


This post inspired by the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Change … can you find a photo that means change for you?

Here are some that I have enjoyed this morning.

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        • i am gathering my courage to teach a new meditation class in town … a few challenges with the venue like not enough space, and they take a fee for organising it all .. i might like that though … i will have to learn how to let others do something for me … the meditation will be yoga nidra which is usually done lying down, at least by beginners .. so i will have to adapt …

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