Canoeing on Tuross Lake

We use a small electric motor on our canoe, so that we can go further when we need to. This was the first excursion for almost a year, but the calm warm weather was just right, and I hoped to photograph a few birds. We drove to the other side of Tuross Lake and put the canoe in at the Horse Island bridge. Our plan was to potter around a small island, but we met a dead end so doubled back and circumnavigated larger Horse Island instead. Would you like to come along? It was very quiet, with occasional bird calls, soft sounds of water, and a couple of times the sound a motor boat in the distance.

We turned around after photographing the Azure Kingfisher,  we could go no further. Then we headed out into open water, passing the ocasional water bird, such as pelican, cormorant, herons, and watching raptors hunting above us. Soon we passed some speed boats, and a quiet fisherman in his kayak. We kept Horse Island on our right, passing the managers house, the fine grounds, and the grand house. Here we could see the easternmost section of the lake, where it opens to the sea, and the boat hire place and cafes.

Next was a shallow section, so we got out and walked the canoe over. I was glad I had worn my new Keen’s, perfect for walking in the water. A little beach next to the Horse Island airstrip beckoned. So we sat for a while eating our apples and wondering about all the shells in the water … obviously old. They were coming from a thick layer of shells in the eroding bank beside us. I wonder how old they are? In this section we met more birds.

This time I photographed the White-faced Heron, A White-bellied Sea Eagle, various cormorants, and a Darter. It is tricky from a moving canoe, but good fun to try. After two hours on the lake we arrived back at the Horse Island bridge, loaded the canoe  onto the trailer and headed home.

map of our trip on the lake

map of our trip on the lake

I forget to show you the shells coming from the eroding bank on Horse Island. Here they are:

18 thoughts on “Canoeing on Tuross Lake

      • That’s lovely of you to suggest. I’m not sure if you’d really want me in your canoe as I’m usually quite unco… We love going south but we rarely get to do it – commitments up north usually take our available time, but one day…

  1. So I had to Google “Keens” before going any further. These shoes look really great for messing about on the river. 🙂 What a lovely array of birds you managed to photograph, Christine. It sounds as though you had an idyllic day out.

    • and thanks for all your comments gilly … S made the map from google earth i think, he said we travelled about 14 km … i love how the ocean currents look coming through the bar 🙂

  2. A lovely trip – thanks for taking us along. Kayaking around the harbour and rivers here is one of my favourite outings – you see so much due to the stealth that a kayak provides. My Keen’s haven’t had a workout for a while 🙂

    • has it stopped raining in sydney? make sure you get out in the golden autumn weather when it returns 🙂 i was surprised how comfortable the keen’s are when wet … my feet did not feel wet at all …

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