Driving in the Rain

Leaving the city on Thursday morning, driving through The Rocks and the CBD in constant rain. Waiting at lights while buses and cars flood past, pedestrians huddling under umbrellas in their sombre city clothes.

Beyond the airport traffic eases, we glide along General Holmes Drive on the edge of Botany Bay, through the leafy southern suburbs, and The Royal National Park (second NP in the world, after Yellowstone) away south through Bulli Pass towards Wollongong.

The Princes Highway is always being widened or straightened somewhere along the way, each bout of roadworks bringing Sydney ten minutes closer to the south coast dwellers. So roadworks,  black clouds and heavy squalls follow us south, both finally ceasing around Milton/Ulladulla, about an hour and half from home.

Berry Sourdough Bakery is delicious place to stop and refuel ourselves. Wholesome bakery goods, delicious healthy lunches attract both travellers and locals. We were there early, but before we left all the tables were taken and the barista was busy! We stopped again at Ulladulla, always refreshing by the harbour. Heavy cloud filled the skies, but there was no more rain.


8 thoughts on “Driving in the Rain

  1. I know that drive very well. From here I can now go via Goulburn and stop at the Roses Cafe for lunch and then down Kangaroo Valley to the south. Try to avoid Berry these days but yes the sourdough is good.

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