Smoke and Mirrors

Better late than never is the old saying, so here is my smoke and mirrors post. Ailsa suggested it on 29th March, but life has intervened with holidays, family and travel, all good fun.

Take a little trip around the globe with me, Sydney Harbour and The Rocks, a heritage area dating back to first white settlement. Then a fancy window display in the Big Apple, NYC, followed by a magnificent fountain ‘Monument aux Girondins’ in Bordeaux France … I love how the mythical horses have webbed feet! Then come along to a desert campfire in central Australia, and a reflection in a silver urn in Rajasthan. Finally there is me standing by a steaming, smoking train on the North Yorkshire Moors! Thank you Ailsa for the opportunity to look back through my images, and to the incentive to take some new ones!

16 thoughts on “Smoke and Mirrors

  1. ‘holidays, family & travel’ sounds very enviable indeed.

    Excellent pics. All smoke ‘n mirrors 🙂

    • yes i know what you mean … always looking freshly at everything …like today on the beach finding pumice washed up and colourful barnacles clinging to the pieces, thinking that might make a good story 🙂

        • i feel as though i am about 10 posts behind at present … still want to do another one on sydney, then pale, and colour and multi-coloured, plus what i want to post on other topics … no doubt you feel the same with all your photos of Buckland Abbey …. and i have not had time to read all the posts in my reader … or all the posts that are emailed to me … this week might be a good one for catching up!

  2. I was stopped in my tracks (!!) by the shot of Grosmont, Christine. Completely unexpected.
    I could so easily be late for every challenge for the rest of my life…

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