Sydney Rain and Shine

Tuesday was hot and sunny. We drove north to Sydney with what seemed like thousands of others heading home after the Easter long weekend. Roadworks slowed traffic to standstill a dozen times. Finally we arrived at our hotel in The Rocks, an area of early settlement that has been quite well-preserved, thanks in part to two idealistic and practical architect friends of ours. The old Walsh Bay wharves have been converted to other uses, such as the Sydney Dance Company studios, expensive private housing, commercial premises and our hotel on Pier One. We checked in, and went out to explore in the sunshine.

We also met an old friend whose children went to school with ours long ago in Arcadia. She now lives in a luxurious apartment on Pier 6/7, where many owners have their huge motor boats or yachts moored alongside. It was great to meet up and chat, so she invited us back the next morning when we could spend more time. After the concert and the bright lights of the city we woke on Wednesday morning to rain. Not just the predicted showers, but good grey set-in rain. After breakfast we walked along the waterfront to visit our friend, and fortunately she gave me an umbrella to supplement the one borrowed from the hotel.

The rain continued as we found our way around the waterfront towards Circular Quay. After exploring a craft gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art we met another very dear friend for lunch. The afternoon stretched out and another taxi ride took us along Oxford Street to meet more friends in their new city place, where they look over the eastern side of Kings Cross to the Harbour, and into some pretty streets of tiny old terraces.

22 thoughts on “Sydney Rain and Shine

  1. Oh wow, such change – though not the views, they remain the same. When we moved into our new studios under Sydney Theatre Company at The Wharf, Pier 1 was a fun arcade with ‘international’ food stalls – and that was that, all the way down Hickson Road to where it petered out under the expressway flyover to Darling Harbour and the Entertainment Centre!

    We may individually have had far more modest accommodation, but our daytime home on the harbour was a joy for us (especially after the privations of the old Carrier Air Conditioning factory – definitely no a/c, not even fans, the ceilings were so low many of Graeme’s lifts were impossible to practice in the studios!), just beautiful to hear the turn of the tide, notice the colour of the water change with the seasons …

    A gorgeous and very nostalgic walk with you both (thank goodness for the second umbrella) – oh, and I love the pink door!

    • now i am glimpsing a bit more of meredith … sydney dance company??? do unravel this tale, just a little …. please … and our friends were going to repaint their pink door but neighbours have explained how useful it is … “turn left at the pink door” so they are rethinking!

      • Oh, nothing spectacular on my part, Christine. When we went back to Australia to live I said to R it was my turn to have the job of my dreams (a BA and an MBA costs quite a lot in Canada – though he worked summers to pay the fees, I had to have a job that earned enough to house and feed us both!). Eventually I persuaded Sydney Dance they needed me to organise the office and though I got paid, it was of the fees level, and it was his turn to feed and house us both! I worked there for ten years, doing everything from answering the phones and doing the filing – none had been done for a decade, it seemed, till they put me in charge of sponsorship. It was a dream of a life, but stole my soul, in a way. When I began we only needed a couple of hundred thousand – when I left, after my long service leave trip to Venice reminded me about my dreams – I was looking for a million. I just couldn’t do it. So I worked out three months notice (good, I needed the money!) and headed out to … guess where?

        Am laughing about your friends’ landmark door – perhaps they could paint it fuchsia if they want a change from lollypop?

        • It must have been an exciting life working with them all … i can imagine what an amazing time you must have enjoyed for ten years!!!! …. now i am wondering why you did not come back to Sydney … too expensive … i guess … it is awful …
          The Door: as we sat discussing it over dinner we suggested a tone change every few days … just very gradually through the spectrum … after all one of our friends is an artist …

          • A daily tone change would be amusing!

            Yes, expensive, and also you know, I’m a country girl and as I get older I’m finding city life doesn’t thrill me as it did – visits are essential, but the frenetic pace, every day, in your face – not for me now. I’m looking forward to being more connected to nature – in any case, it’s an hour by car down to Brisbane to go to a show, or I can hop on a plane and be down in Sydney, sipping a champagne with my friends in just over an hour too!

  2. Wonderful photographic tour of Sydney. It has a different mood in the rain, but I still love it. Walsh Bay is my favourite area of the city to take overseas and interstate visitors for lunch, dinner or a drink.
    I love the umbrella pic and the one of the ferry which looks as if it’s pulling the Opera House. Also, the Chinese fisherman.

  3. Goodness what a lot to see, even on a rainy day you managed great photos to share. I love the red post box, the terraces look almost English and teh waterfront is cool. Most of all what a super few days you had, meeting up with friends as well as the concert 🙂

  4. You made the best of the dodgy weather! I didn’t realise you weren’t staying at Darlington. You were so near my workplace, and I may have distantly seen you wandering around the Quay from my eyrie. I love the Hickson Road precinct and Sydney’s old areas and terraces. Love the pics 🙂

  5. The seasons are changing a bit, aren’t they! This is the first time I’ve seen rain in your photos, I believe. Looks like you had a wonderful time and weather didn’t hold you up! 🙂

  6. I love traveling online through the work of wonderful photographers like yourself. I will be celebrating my birthday in a few hours here in jolly old Iowa and it has been raining for days and might snow anytime now… Glad I can visit such faraway places from the comfort of my computer chair 🙂

    • so happy to give you a peek at Sydney … usually sunny but we struck a rainy day … still it did not spoil our fun … i can’t believe you are still expecting snow, it must be so cold and bleak outside … our son in paris says the buds are about to burst on the plane trees outside his window 🙂

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