Night out in Sydney with Paul Simon

We are just home from three days away in the ‘big smoke’ (as my grandparents called Sydney). A Paul Simon concert was the lure that triggered our escapade! Fortunately it was the most extraordinary concert we have ever seen, totally amazing and thrilling for we poor country folk. But first share the overture in Chinatown, where we ate in the Dixon Street food court, and generally soaked up the vibe as we walked towards the Entertainment Centre.

Then we found our way in, found our seats, and watched the very good support act, Rufous Wainwright. We were surprised to see so many empty seats, but they were all filled by 8:30pm, just before Paul Simon and his eight or ten musicians came onstage.

There were 5 encores … as the packed Sydney Entertainment Centre crowd stood shouting, clapping and cheering, singing and dancing, while the musicians valiantly tried to leave. Paul Simon sang for nearly three and half hours, with his voice just as clear and strong at the end, quite a feat I am sure. We rocked to Gracelands, sighed with Kathy’s Song and Hearts and Bones, laughed and sang through so much of his amazing repertoire, including some unrehearsed oldies from Simon and Garfunkel days. Of course many in the audience were our age … but there were heaps of younger people too! After the fifth encore we flooded out of the hall, dispersing into the streets of the city, all glowing with the music and joy of the concert. Eventually, after an energetic walk in the right direction we found a taxi to take us back to our harbourside hotel.

I photographed the harbour lights, including the (not usually) blue Opera House, even caught our glowing faces in the lift mirror, then the lights from our room … what a night … very unusual, but that is the way this year is going.


27 thoughts on “Night out in Sydney with Paul Simon

  1. What a treat – and all thanks to a concert! It sounds wonderful and such a nice thing to do – necessary too, I think, when you’re in the country!

    Loved the Chinatown pix, and brava for capturing the concert, but loved the lights on the harbour – even the blue Opera House! Can’t wait to see what you got up to the other two days!

  2. How I would have loved to be at that concert with you, Christine. His songs would have brought back such wonderful memories of my student years. Fabulous photos. You had such a treat. 🙂

    • surely he comes your way now and then ad … or with your moving about you might miss out … try to get to a concert if you can, it is worth the effort!

  3. I love Paul Simon too! How wonderful, I’m sure this is an evening you’ll never forget. I love the photos of Sydney, I’ve probably only ever seen photos of the harbour before 🙂

    • so glad to show a bit more of Sydney … there are more to come … although i love the harbour (i lived on the harbour as a teenager) so i tend to photograph the water more than anything else 🙂

  4. Stealing a moment to explore some of your posts (just the tip of the ice-berg, I afraid,) I know I’ll have a lot of fascinating exploring to do in your world as time permits. But seeing this reminded me of our first Paul Simon concert, as I had mentioned in my posts of last summer about a cross country trip taken years before. My wife to be and I were at this concert, with Simon and Garfunkel – and the Doors, in 1967. See and we would see countless concerts over the years of S&G, Art, and Paul separately. Enjoying your posts. You’ve done a lot of traveling! M

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