Framed images are cool! The surrounding frame draws attention to the view or activity. Marianne of East of Malaga has a theme of framed this month, and the time is almost over …. so here is mine.

More difficult is choosing two blogs for you to visit, difficult because there are so many wonderful clever inspiring bloggers to choose from. So hop on over to see Robin at her new blog breezes at dawn for inspiring quotes and exquisite images, and visit Chris of Dancing on Frozen Beaver Ponds who writes marvellous succinct poetry, capturing the essence of being, of awareness, of vision.

13 thoughts on “Framed

  1. I really enjoyed your entry for this month’s CBBH photo theme, Christine – especially the fun shot of the cousins in the tyre climbing frame 🙂 What a wonderful memory that is!

    Thanks for sharing links to two blogs you enjoy visiting – I’ll HOP straight over there and say hello 🙂

  2. Love these! Particularly the view over the balcony and the canal bridge. I do like photos with dark frames around them – preferably natural ones like you have here. I have some old ones of my own I took when I still lived with my parents (so they’re not really in a good enough condition to show on my blog, I think) of the view through my window – the window itself being pseudo-Italianate in shape, with a sort of arch.

    • oh no! i did not know you were sick on the trip … i was too, but at the beginning, able to lie down in the bus but then had to be careful to eat ‘familiar’ tasting things for a few days 🙂

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