Structure and Space

dawn light, batemans bay

dawn light, Batemans Bay

Peacefulness in early morning light here by the bay. Exploring Yoga Nidra as meditation and healing in the week following my journey caused me to see this photo as structure and space … following the protocol as far as necessary to open into the space that we are … Being Awareness.

Yoga blossoms when we realize our innate nature as the ungraspable Mystery that underlies all of life. The end of suffering and upsurge of unshakable wellbeing occur when we embody this Mystery as our underlying essence that is untouched by disease, and is always whole, healthy and complete, as it is.” Richard C. Miller, Integrative Restoration Institute

19 thoughts on “Structure and Space

  1. I love the clouds that look like mountains on the horizon and the peacefulness of the sailing boats on the calm sea. BEAUTIFUL PHOTO!


    • i must go out again soon before daylight saving ends, and photograph the moruya river at dawn, it was gorgeous but the bumpy little bus made photos impossible!

  2. Stunning photo, I think that your area is a good place for meditation and of healing and would love to see photos of Moruya at dawn. Great quote from Mr Miller too, thanks Christine!

    • i want to share more from the week of yoga nidra … i guess it will filter out in its own time … and after easter i will go out early to catch the river at dawn … πŸ™‚

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