seagull in rainwater puddle

seagull in rainwater puddle

Silver Gull early morning at Batemans Bay. This is our local gull, a beautiful medium sized bird with very clear spots on its tail feathers. Gulls near populous places become quite bold, but those in wilder places are shy and avoid people. On my way north to a Yoga Nidra training in Queensland last week I encountered the gull while waiting for a bus connection in the shopping centre at Batemans Bay, just half an hour north of us here. The sun was just about to lift over the eastern horizon, anchored boats swung idly on their tethers, clouds hummed with pinky-gold borders …. more tomorrow.


13 thoughts on “Seagull

    • the others were wheeling about or standing on the edges of the piers, this one was quite contented in the puddle for a while …. perhaps dreaming of later in the day when someone would come by with fish and chips to share …

  1. This one is cute but here in some of our seaside towns we are overun by herring gulls and they have become quite a nuisance, because silly tourists feed them chips etc.

    • the journey was rather wonderful … until i arrived at the bond university which is not my favourite kind of environment … looks as though the whole of the new gold coast development was squeezed out of a toothpaste tube … lifeless, dreary, concrete …

  2. I’m always so interested in the variety of gulls! I try to distinguish our local gulls, but often get confused. There are too many for me to keep track of the characteristics between the young and old, male and female, local and migrating..but I’m trying! 🙂 i like your little guy very much!

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