Left behind

bathtoysThe bath toys were left on the side of the tub when our three year old went away last week. I packed them up, but now I will be away too. I am attending a yoga nidra training, marketed as iRest, by one of my favourite teachers Richard Miller. I have been using his materials for many years, so it will be a great pleasure to meet him in few days. Tomorrow I take a very early morning bus to Canberra, then a midday flight to Sydney, and a later flight to the Gold Coast, then two buses to the venue at Bond University. I hope to be able to do some posts, but I have a few scheduled too, having leant this new trick from other more advanced bloggers! (Are you impressed?) When I arrive home again next Monday the three year old will be back too, so the little people and their boats and companions will all be in the bath again.

15 thoughts on “Left behind

  1. No you, no bath toys, what on earth is S going to do? πŸ™‚

    Getting there seems like a bit of an adventure in itself – hope the training goes well and you come back refreshed (iRest?) and rearing to go! So impressed you’ve scheduled posts! Ciao and bon voyage

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