Tranquil Bay

quiet bay on Tuross Lake

quiet bay on Tuross Lake

Oyster boat coming in, late afternoon, Tuross Lake. Jake is challenging us to show out interpretation of Bay today, so I chose this one very close to home …. a place I go to buy oysters. The lake itself can be busy with speed boats, fishermen, people kayaking and canoeing, but this little bay is always quiet, and the oyster boats move slowly. A place of shelter and peace.





21 thoughts on “Tranquil Bay

    • can you just imagine it charles, gentle slap of the wake against the piles, quiet slow motor sound from the oyster boat, salty air, occasional birds … hhmmm, not bad 🙂

  1. This was such a beautiful picture, fantastic job! It was very peaceful and calming, just as the people above me said. I apologize I was unable to reply to your extremely kind comment as for some reason, the option was disabled. But yes, please do keep in touch! I would love to hear more from you, Warm Regards.

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