Green, my favourite colour

Green was always my favourite colour. When I was a child I had the green toothbrush. To my mother’s embarrassment I insisted on a green velvet dress which simply did not go with my pale skin and blue eyes. Over the years other colours have been tempting, but nothing ever displaced green as number one. So looking for green in my travel photos has been fun!

Join in with Ailsa’s green theme this week! Here is very short video of Swiss cows with their bells chiming, recorded in Orpund last September

23 thoughts on “Green, my favourite colour

    • yes i know you like greens too .. heart chakra … i just added a very short video of cow bells chiming near a swiss village … my first video upload, phew! we have to keep on learning don’t we robin?

    • thanks, just playing about, trying something new … after all our street has a new name, i have a new email address, so thought dadirridreaming should spruce up a bit too 😉

          • Ah, but with me it’s to be expected! It’s feeling very present now. Yesterday I posted the first of my ‘for sale’ ads on the local expat site and within six hours of frenetic phone calls, SMS messaging, and just one traffic jam here at the house, I sold most of the furniture I really don’t need. Walking around this morning I can see life will be very different once people come to pick their new possessions up next weekend (I’m off to Vavuniya and Jaffna next week – crazy I know!) and I thought how good it will be not to have so much stuff to worry about. Now I’ve got to sort through what’s inside those chests, cupboards, etc. and free myself of that ‘stuff’ too!

          • sounds amazing! i have a longing to lighten up, but when it is not just one person that is tricky …. have a wonderful time in Jaffna and Vavuniya … i will be attending a yoga nidra training on the gold coast … tough i know 🙂

  1. My favorite color as well 🙂 After a long, stressful day at work looking at these images put me at peace. I love seeing natural scenes after I’ve been stuck inside all day!

  2. I love green as well, although it was my best friend who had green as her favourite colour and like you everything she had was green, and meeting up with her after 30 years it still is!

    • oh so she is like me, once keen on green, always keen on green … i am sure it is needed for my heart chakra … so i don’t rebel, i luxuriate in green instead 🙂 ….. (we once had bright green mazda too)

  3. It’s interesting that I rarely wear green, but when I think about how much I love the color in nature, I’m not sure why! Your photos are really special. The butterfly is extraordinary!

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