Walking around Wagonga Inlet

About half an hour south of us there is another spectacular south coast waterway. Although it was a cloudy day I chose to go walking on the boardwalk around Wagonga Inlet. Now I have to make sure to return on a sunny day so that I can see the fish and rays in the water! I parked at Mill Bay, not far from the Narooma Bridge, and walked out towards Apex Park beside the notorious bar where the Inlet and the ocean meet.

map of Wagonga Inlet

map of Wagonga Inlet

Not seeing any fish (but plenty of oysters) I was very pleased to find a group of Little Black Cormorants sheltering behind Bar Beach. They are used to walkers and cyclists, so took no notice of me as I walked onto a small floating jetty to photograph them.

Little Black Cormorant

Little Black Cormorant


Following the path to Bar Beach I noticed a perfect view back to the west, with the sacred mountain Gulaga reclining beyond the pine trees of the caravan park. Mother Gulaga was wearing her possum skin cloak on one peak, and just as well, as I wore winter clothes today too. Thank heavens the extreme heat and humidity has abated for a while.


Mother Gulaga reclining behind the pines

After inspecting the Bar where so many fisherman have died throughout the years when their boats were swamped by the tricky seas, I walked back, past fishermen and others.


fishing on Bar Beach

Back along the boardwalk, and the car …. ready to drive around to the swimming pool and practise some laps!

Mill Bay Boardwalk

Mill Bay Boardwalk


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