A joyful subject from Jake this week: Arrangement

As life changes I am consolidating my blogs here in dadirridreaming … and I love activities like searching through the images with a theme in mind. The keyword illuminates photos with new life, new possibilites, fresh joy!

PS Has anyone heard from Judy at NorthernNarratives?


18 thoughts on “Arrangements

  1. Wonderful selection, Christine! Each shot resonated but at the end of the day it was the aroma from that teapot infusion arrangement that won the day!

    PS Come to think about it, no, I don’t recall hearing from her for a while. (If i could stay awake I’d check, but not tonight I really must get into bed before the sun gets up in half an hour.)

  2. What is about arrangements that draws us… a nesting reaction to assemble objects in a way pleasing to the eye, not too stiudied but natural and complementary. The teapot arrangement invites me to spend a while πŸ™‚

  3. The photos are all very beautiful! I like the way you’ve used the word. πŸ™‚ The radishes are gorgeous, and I don’t recognize the museum/gallery/??? I love the sculptured architecture. Very nice, Christine! Consolidating is probably a very good idea. I don’t know how anyone manages more than one blog.

  4. It’s funny with the themes isn’t it, Christine? Sometimes you see a word and you can’t think what you might post, then you scroll back through your photos and there are endless possibilities. Nice selection.
    I last heard a week or two ago? Hard to keep track- some people post daily and others now and then. Not sure if there was a techie problem? I shall go hunt her down now.

    • I have tried but the email is non-functioning too … she had asked me to do a ‘spotlight’ post for her blog … i sent something but have not heard from that day … hope it is just a minor hitch and Judy will be back πŸ™‚

  5. Lead me to that cheese board! So glad you posted, some nice arrangements here.
    I follow Judy and wondered about her a few times but her blog has been closed for a while 😦

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