Roads We Have Travelled


These roads are mostly from Bhutan, where there is no such thing as a straight road … all roads are winding along mountain sides, or clinging to river edges as they wind along too. When we were there in 2008 there was a frenzy of construction in preparation for big celebrations in 2009. Amazingly we were never held up for long, as the kindness and efficiency of the people made the impossible happen to get us through. The Irish roads are just two views of the Dingle Peninsular, more winding and hilly landscape which seems to be our favourite.

To enjoy more wonderful roads check out Ailsa’s blog!

20 thoughts on “Roads We Have Travelled

    • it was the most wonderful experience, but you have to be prepared for winding roads …. everyone so charming, no ugly side at all thanks to the wisdom of leadership over the years 🙂

  1. Bhutan must have been amazing Christine. These roads remind me of our time on the tea plantations and the very narrow winding hill roads we had to traverse just to get into town.

        • it sounds as though you were quite isolated, no doubt in beautiful country … have not been to south india but i dream of going to an ayurvedic retreat there sometime …

          • That would be in Kerala mostly. Kerala is the most picturesque among the Southern staes. Ooty in the Nilgiris was once known as the Queen of hill stations. But ‘progress’ has ruined it sadly.

          • so sad that progress destroys beauty and replaces it with facilities and efficiency …. how we all long for a simpler life but are loath to lose our washing machines!

  2. Breaks your heart seeing people breaking rocks by hand still – such evocative scenes of our part of the world, I’m afraid – and yet so ‘romantic’, or rather, redolent of a romantic past. The Bhutan roadworks make a splendid gallery of a world we no longer see.

    • i know what you mean, but that was never romantic, to have women and children breaking rocks … that is where the might of machines is worthwhile … i dream of the days of Atlantis and power from the sun (?) with no dirty technology doing the hard work for us … we seem to be at a very low ebb now .. the kali yuga … we know we can reshape rocks through other means if only we could remember how!

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