Moruya River

Moruya River looking west

Moruya River looking west

I live in a watery area, known as the Nature Coast. This is the Moruya River, which starts up in those mountains as the Deua, then winds its way to the coast, where it becomes tidal. People live “up the river”, which offers rich river flats and a laid-back lifestyle. If the river is up you might not be able to get to town, or work. Many kinds of birds live here too, or pass through; you can see a pelican on the water. Other birds like cormorants, swallows and cockatoos were flying up the river to roost for the night.

Moruya River Bridge

Moruya River Bridge

Here is the bridge into town, always a welcome sight when returning home from the north, which is the way we usually have to go towards Sydney or Canberra. Our town is pretty sleepy at night, with a few quiet pubs, and three restaurants. Lights are all out by ten o’clock!

Although the DailyPost neighborhood challenge is for phone cameras I don’t have one, either a phone or a phone camera. So these shots were taken last evening when I was attending the IWD dinner in town with my little Canon Ixus. I will just have to pretend!

27 thoughts on “Moruya River

  1. It’s wonderful to live near water – the sea, rivers or streams. There’s something wonderfully calming about it, along with all the nature it brings.

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